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Dream interpretation - feel like a celebrity

THE DREAM I was doing my work, but instead of calling the members, I had to go door-to-door. With reluctance, I started knocking on doors. They had never seen me before, and were pretty rude, making it difficult to do my job. Then I came to a home filled with people. They all knew who I was, but I didn't know any of them. They were very folksy, and they treated me like a celebrity. There is pro & con to that. I felt the way a famous person must feel: treated very well, but the only stranger in a large group of people who all knew each other. The burden was upon me to approach each person with conversation, and when I did, they would say just a few words and then walk away. But they were all having a wonderful time together. Finally I started chatting with their children, who treated me like any other person. When they saw me doing that, they started treating me more like a friend. However, I was anxious to leave there, and when my husband came in, we left shortly after that. I was glad to get away from there.

THE REALITY The dream works as a claims adjuster and recently phoned a lady and the conversation really stuck in her mind. The woman greeted her joyfully, like an old friend she had been thinking about. The dreamer was quite amazed by that (a person whom she had never met but whose claims she had processed for probably 10 years or more).

DREAM INTERPRETATION In life we expect people to behave in a certain kind of way. But occasionally we come across behavior which is out of place. This can disturb our mind slightly. So when the dreamer encountered this phone call it made her stop and think. It was totally out of place.

The dreamer had to come across lots of people at work - mostly she phones them. Most conversations the dreamer would have with clients on the phone would be just like the dream. They would be short and with few words.

The dream features people rather than a specific person. That symbolises that the dream is about what can generally be expected at work. What we can predict will happen and how people generally behave. Most work conversations will be short and deal with the business at hand.

So the dream mixed up lots of clues to how people can be expected to react when she phoned them. But it also mixed in clues to this one conversation. That is because it symbolised the type of behavior which can be expected and which is predictable and therefore acceptable.

Symbolic Meanings
CELEBRITY : "the dreamer felt as if she was being treated like a celebrity - she was given special attention for no good reason"
HOME : "things that make you feel comfortable"
PEOPLE : "thoughts about what is appropriate behavior - is it appropriate to treat someone like a friend in business"
WORK : "the dreamers real life workplace"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was struck by a phone conversation at work yesterday. The person greeted me as if she was an old friend and it just felt a little odd."

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