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Ex driving my car - dream interpretation

Dreams are often linked to the emotions and situations which are revolving around our heads. Often these storylines bear no relationship to reality yet they do replay important emotions right now.

THE DREAM - I dreamt that my ex-business partner is driving "my car" and I'm with him on the front seat. My partner tells me that we're being followed by three bikers and he tries to dodge the bikers. As soon as we take a turn to another lane, the bikers drive to us, show a gun and we have to stop. (at this time I was thinking why my partner was driving slow). Anyway, after this the bikers take my car. I requested them to at least spare my laptop and one agrees but the others don't. So they take my car and laptop. My partner's laptop also went with the stolen car. I then called the car tracker company to report my car stolen but they can't seem to locate my car.

- The dreamer felt a similar sense of frustration with the way things had been going on with his ex business partner. His frustration had been going on for weeks. The dream occurred a few days after the company got sold.
The dreamer had been having problems with the person in the dream. If you are having problems with the person in the dream and the storyline captures frustrations and problems then they merely replay bad emotions regards this.
ANALYSIS : The dream deals with the following themes
- The dreamer feels a sense of frustration with his business partner
- The dreamer was feeling a sense of loss and difficulty with regards business.

The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I feel my ex business partner has benefited from the sale of the company."

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