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Burniston photos dream

THE DREAM I was looking at some photos. I was at Burniston, a village where I used to go through whilst doing photography myself (it is a very scenic place out in the countryside). These photos were all really good. I was really impressed.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer was extremely interested in photography and the day before he walked past a photography shop and there were lots of new pictures up. He was impressed by them all and felt the photographer must have got a new camera.

DREAM ANALYSIS: The dreamer made a very clear association with this dream. He thought of the day before when he had past a shop and felt the exact same thing as in the dream "he must have got a new camera." The dream seems to link to this exact thing but why would anyone have a dream about something like that?

It must be noted that the dreamer was interested in cameras and noticing a great change in the quality of someone's photos had important implications for him. If he got a new camera then surely his photos would improve in quality, in the same way that this other photographers pictures had improved.

The dreamer had also not taken any photos for a long time and so seeing someone else's work helped inspire his own interest. There must have been a bit of "that makes me want to go out and take some new photos."

Notice how the dream also includes a scenic village scene. That also hints at the dream inspiring the dreamer into taking some photos of his own.

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