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School dinners dream

This dream features the dreamer being tod to buy things. In real life the dreamer was often been sent out to buy things by a bossy friend. We might guess that the dream is about the dreamers relationship with this friend and thoughts about being "bossed around."

THE DREAM I was having school dinners. It was a primary school. I was wanting to queue up but we were told by the teachers when we were to go for dinner. Finally we get dinner. Somebody behind me is giving me things to buy.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The next day the dreamer was due to see a friend who tended to be very bossy. He would always say when they should or should not have dinner. The dreamer was always been sent out to buy things for this friend.

DREAM ANALYSIS The dream had one very good connection with real life in that the dreamer was always being asked to go and buy things for a friend. The dreamer was also always told when to have dinner and so the Elementary School is an for someone who always told him what to do and when he could do it. The dream captured this feeling - "My friend always tells me to get dinner when he says and to go out and do shopping for him. It feels like Elementary School".

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