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Old junk - dream interpretation

A dream about finding some coins was a symbol for the dreamer having some good memories.

THE DREAM I am with my two sisters and happily talking away. We are discussing something. Later I am walking down to the beach on a gentle pathway. There are some bags. I pick up this bag and it has some old junk in it. I decide that there is something of interest in it and a few coins so I pick it up.

THE REALITY The dreamer was a writer. The day before the dream he decided to look through some old stories he wrote years ago. He was taken back to the times when he wrote these and the emotions he felt at the time.

THE INTERPRETATION Sisters are often reliable symbols in dreams. They link to moments when we open up and start to think freely and openly. These are the moments when we think of new ideas and explore emotions. In this case the dream begins with the dreamer talking to his sisters.

So the dreamer started to examine his day before the dream. One issue clearly linked with the symbolic meaning of sisters. He had looked through old stories and explored old emotions. He had taken himself back to the past.

Bags in this sense symbolise the things that we carry around with us such as memories from the past. Its the knowledge that we build up. One of the bags had a mixture of things in it and the money symbolised the obvious value that some of the old stories were to the dreamer.

Beaches are also symbols of us looking at our feelings. This dream was spot on in that the path led to the beach. That matched exactly the way that the dreamers activities led him into a new emotional openness.

Symbolic meanings
BAG : "a collection of items"
BEACH : "A moment when we observe our feelings and reflect on the reality of our lives"
COINS : "something of real value"
SISTER : "exploring emotions and opening yourself up to new thoughts"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was looking through some old stories that I have written. They made me think of the time when I wrote these stories. I started thinking nostalgically about those times".

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