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Heavy object - dream dictionary meaning

Try to see how this dream could be about a man who was intimidating the dreamer at her workplace.

THE DREAM I was in my room at night. I walked around a bit. It was very dark. I went into the doorway of my parents room. A man, I thought it was my dad, hit me with a heavy sharp metal object on a pole (I would guess it was like a shovel). This didn't phase me much, it was too weird and dark. Later I went into the bathroom, and my brother was there. There was a bit more light, and he said he would help heal the wound. I didn't know what he was talking about. He had lots of bandages, and he held up a mirror for me and I saw this long gash across my forehead. It looked like it would scar, but it wasn't bleeding, it was just red and unpleasant. My brother wanted to know who did it, and I was unsure, and afraid to tell him it was our dad.

THE REALITY The dreamer had had a problem at work. She was being troubled by a man who was suspected of taking drugs("paint huffing"). She had tried to be nice to him but that encouraged him even more. It was becoming very threatening. Later her boss got rid of the man. The dreamer was quite shaken by this though and decided to be a lot less trusting of people in general(to treat them in the same way as her brother - who treats everyone as scum).

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamer had been facing some tough situations at work. A man had been pestering her so this was obviously an issue that is worthy of a dream.

Fathers are actually very reliable symbols in dreams. They link to an issue which is getting out of control and there is a need to restore order to. This certainly was the case here. This man was starting to get out of hand. He was bothering the dreamer - sometimes customers can read too much into helpful store assistants.

The dreamers brother has a totally different attitude to people in general compared to the dreamer. She is very trusting whilst he is rather untrusting and sees the worst in them. But after this incident the dreamer now started to adopt her brothers attitude. He treats everyone like "scum". So the dreamer features her brother because he captures her new attitude. This is one which will help restore order and prevent the same thing happening again. Because if she adopts a tougher approach then trouble maybe started before it gets out of hand.

The stab in the head symbolised a flaw in her own judgment. Heads often link to your own rationality or lack of reasoning. In this case it shows that she is feeling that her own judgement has been proved wrong.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
BATHROOM : "the dreamer was frightened by the situation at work"
BED : "A very personal issue - the dreamer feels its something in how she behaves that has brought this situation about"
DAD : "a situation which has got out of hand and some order needs restoring"
FOREHEAD : "your own rationality"
HEAVY : "very very serious"
MAN : "feeling threatened or intimated - pushy or aggressive behavior"
MIRROR : "been forced to look at your own behavior in great detail"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Things have got out of control at work yesterday. I had some real trouble with a customer. I think its because I come across the wrong way. Maybe I should take some hints from my brother and treat everyone like garbage"

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