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Surprised to see my mother dream interpretation

THE DREAM I am with my sister. I am then very surprised to see my mother. She died recently.

THE REALITY The dreamers mother had recently died. That relationship had always been fairly good - it was a strong family tie. His relationship with his sister had always been quite bad. They generally wanted nothing to do with him. Yet since the death things had improved. His sister and brother in law had helped fix his house up.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams are often about our assessments about how things have been going. Just recently the dreamer had thought about his family. His mother had been his main family tie. She had just died. His relationship with his sister had always been quite bad. Yet just recently things had improved markedly. Maybe the dream symbolized how his family ties with his sister were now improving. The surprise symbolising the genuine surprise linked to this. He had fully expected his sister to cut off all ties with him.

Symbolic Meanings
MOTHER : "Symbolic of the strong family ties and close relationship he had with his recently deceased other."
SISTER : "The dreamers own relationship with his sister."
SURPRIZE : "The dreamers own genuine surprise as linked to his improved relationship with his sister. "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My sister seems much closer since her death. I fully expected her to cut off all ties since my mothers death. "

See how the dreams symbols link to the dreamers own thoughts concerning his sisters relationship with him since his other had died

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