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Lights switched on in house - dream analysis

Think of how dreams could be metaphors for your feelings. This dreamer was feeling very uninspired and so we could see the lack of light in this dream as a symbol for this lack of inspiration.

THE DREAM - I was in my house. I try turning on the lights switch but the light does not come on

THE REALITY The dreamer was feeling uninspired and lacking vision.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams can be about specific issues or they can be about general moods and feelings. In real life the dreamers general mood was not good. He was feeling very uninspired. The lack of light in this dream is an excellent metaphor for this mood. Good light could be a symbol for a good clear mood. But a lack of light seems an excellent metaphor for his lack of inspiration.

Symbolic Meanings
LIGHTS : The lack of light seems a symbol for the dreamers lack of inspiration.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I keep trying to understand myself. I am lacking vision and feel uninspired"

See how the symbolic meanings represent an insight the dreamer has into his own personality

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