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Woman asks at my moms funeral - dream interpretation

This dream took place the day after the dreamer had wished that her boyfriend and the baby he had with another woman would die. This dream takes her to a place where her own mother dies. It helps her put this issue in perspective and expresses the feeling "how would you like it if the same happened to you".

THE DREAM - The Dream: I dreamt that MY mother died, and as I was getting dressed for the wake, my house was filled with strangers, I only remember recognizing my dad, my ex boyfriend, and I think my aunt. But there was some woman I didn't know and she kept asking if she could borrow a belt. A black one. And I went to my closet and there were like hundreds of belts neatly hanging in my closet (I don't wear belts and maybe have like 3 and don't even know where they are). No matter which belt I handed her, she kept asking for a longer one. Even when they were really long.

THE REALITY The night before the dreamer went to bed wishing that her ex boyfriend and the baby that he had with another woman would die. At one stage they had been very close. It was a difficult break up. The night before she had met him(at the place where they met) and even punched him in the face after getting into a drunken mess. They had already broken up - just a week after his mother died at the age of 45.

DREAM INTERPRETATION If something big happens to us during the day then if we dream that night then surely its a dream about that subject. Whatever, the dream means it surely is linked to that big event. The night before the dreamer was wishing her boyfriends baby to die and she had got into a drunken mess and ended up punching him. Surely any dream has got to link to this event. We may disagree with the interpretation but the dream has got to be about this big event. She normally did not remember her dreams but this was especially vivid. So lets try to guess what it means.

Its best to make associations with real life with dreams. The dreamers ex boyfriends mother had broken up with him just a week after his own mothers death. Perhaps this dream relates to that. She is perhaps trying to put herself in his shoes. The best way to do that is to experience the self same feelings herself. So to do that the dream takes her to a place where HER mother dies. Therefore she could be asking herself the question "How would I have liked it if I he had broken up with her just after her mother had died?"

The dreamer felt that her mother had died in the dream as a way of punishing her. Just before going to sleep she had wished her boyfriends death. Maybe that's the link. Dreams never try to clarify their exact meaning so its always difficult to say.

The dream does take place in a house. Often houses tend to signify the self. Here we assess our own actions. We judge our own behavior. The dreamer was acting in a very atypical way and had got very drunk and emotional.

The dream features the word BELT. Perhaps this is a play on words. In real life she had punched her ex boyfriend the night before. Belt is another word for punch. So perhaps when the lady wants to a belt then it signifies her wish to really punch. It also captures her feelings in another way. However long the belt is its never good enough for her. In real life the dreamer wanted to punch her boyfriend. Emotionally she wanted to really hit him. In such a state one punch is never enough.

The dream also features lots of strangers. This could stand for her behavior. She was acting in a strange and atypical fashion. She had got especially drunk and angry.

Overall the dreamer was judging her own actions. She was seeing how drunk she had got. Yet she was working through how she felt. The persistence of the woman showed how she felt. It was never enough. She was overcome with emotion.

Who knows - the dream may even have a simple meaning. In the dream the woman is asking for a belt. Perhaps the dreamer is seeing her own actions. She perhaps feels that her ex would have been quite justified in punching her back - she was quite literally asking for a belt. His mother had just died and now had to face this drunken attack.

The language of dreams is never easy to understand. We can but look at the possible answers. We will never prove conclusively a dreams meaning.

Symbolic Meanings
BELT : "a play on words - The dreamer really wanted to punch/belt her ex boyfriend."
HOUSE : "The dreamer is assessing her own drunken actions the day before"
STRANGERS : "Your personality has been invaded by new strange actions and thoughts"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was really drunk last night. I really wanted to belt him. I was so angry. I really wished him to die. I am so awful - his mother has just died. How would I like it. But I was so angry"

See how the symbolic meanings represent an insight the dreamer has into his own behavior

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