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Trees uprooted dream analysis

THE DREAM Here is the dream, the part that I remember anyway. I was driving home and I was talking to someone on the phone, and as I drove, along the road to my house where huge fallen gum trees and I was worried about the house as I got closer. The road in my dream is not actually my street, but I knew in my head this was street and I don't see the house. As I drove and spoke to the other person on the phone I said there are trees everywhere. The feeling was they were sort of in my way even though they were not across the road they were along side the road. Background to the day We were house hunting. I am feeling very torn. I love our area but we can't afford to move to another house. We need to move because I am disabled and I am getting worse with my walking and had a fall down the stairs a few weeks ago. We live in a split level house (3levels) we have stairs down to the house and down the back to the yard. There are the same huge gum trees in our yard and we back onto a bush reserve with the same trees.current thoughts and feelings of the day were tossing around ideas about moving pros and cons of other areas, also having to see a surgeon the next day about having a gallbladder removed. Disappointment with older children (24 & 20) not really caring or offering support and parents who have never been around for support. My concern is that I am worried the fallen trees mean that I am uprooting everybody and that everything is going to fall down around me. I am big on family and family values we have 4 kids.

GUESSWORK I think it has something to do with the fact that my home back in San Francisco is being contested and that my friends who are living there may have to uproot themselves out of there as the home (symbolised as the tree) is my birthright, not theirs.

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DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams can be premonitions of events and relationships about to happen in our lives. In this case the man was someone very important but he was not to be the man of her destiny. Dreams will capture events as we feel them at the time. It was an intense relationship at the time and it did feel like a relationship that was destined to be. So the premonition did come true.

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