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Cancer pain - dream analysis

Dreams would be easier to understand if they used language rather than symbols. This dream was caused by an argument the previous day and squeezing past someone was a symbol for the dreamers fear of bumping into that person.

THE DREAM - I was in some type of hospital. At one point I had to pass this woman. I had to squeeze past her and in doing so this caused huge pain. I found out that she was suffering huge pain from cancer. I felt that I should be sympathetic towards her despite of differences. I 'knew' in the dream that she was my ex wife or girlfriend. When I squeezed past her I would be touching her.

GUESSWORK The dreamer had just had a very bad scene with a friend. His friend had stormed off for virtually no reason and the dreamer felt very threatened and really isolated. The dreamer was very worried about their next encounter and hoped there would not be a bad atmosphere. His friend had a history of anger management problems and other mental health issues.

The dreamer was also on bad terms with another friend. He had cut himself off from her. They had not seen each other since and the dreamer had just been avoiding her.

1. Cancer. The dreamer feels as if he should be sympathetic towards the woman because she was in great pain. The cancer could be a symbol of the dreamers friends illness. He had anger management problems and so the cancer could be about his personal problems and especially his problems with his temper. These mental health problems were eating away at him and so have many common features with cancer.
2. Ex wife. The incident the day before was with a good friend but that does not mean that the two situations are not connected. When you see an ex wife then there is always a bit of a scene - its not easy being close to someone and then getting used to being separated. One person is always affected more than the other. In this case an ex wife captures exactly the mood. The dreamer had been close friends with the man who had lost his temper for no reason. So the dream was about the awkward situation you get when you fall out with someone close to you and then one day soon you have to walk past them. How will they react?
3. Get past. It was very painful to get past the woman in the dream. This was an exact parallel to the dreamers real life situation - but in two cases. He had been avoiding a female friend and was wondering what their first face to face meeting would be like. The friend who had lost his temper might try to ignore him and avoid him. So the dream concentrates on this first meeting. Obviously if you have just had an argument then the main problem is in the first meeting. The dream was not an exact parallel with those real life situations in that it was not a normal walk past someone. Instead the two could not avoid personal contact - so actually it was a more effective metaphor. In the dream he had to physically touch her causing the intense pain for her.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers thoughts about an argument that had just taken place. It deals with the following themes.
- an awkward meeting with someone you used to be close to
- deep personal pain and internal troubles.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Jim just stormed out yesterday. He really does not like me now and I wonder how our first meeting will be. But it will probably be worse for me than him."

The dreamer had just had this huge problem with a friend. Generally speaking if something big has just happened then it will result in a dream. In this case the dream seemed more linked to the other falling out. But actually both were quite similar in nature. In the first case it was the dreamers friend who had acted illogically and stormed off the day before. In the second case the dreamer had stormed off and virtually ignored his former friend. So both situations matched.

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