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Cleaning pee and embarrassed - dream interpreting

THE DREAM anyway it was almost morning when I had this dream. I had to pee very badly so I got up and went to the bath room. Only my best friend's in-laws were sleeping in the bathroom floor. So I went back to her son's room. Only, now my best friend and her husband were in the bed which had grown like five feet wider or so. It was a really huge bed (really just a twin bed). so I got back under the covers too. They were talking to each other and I still had to pee. So I reached over and grabbed a trash can. I told them that if they heard any weird noises to not look over. And this was a tall kitchen trash can and manoeuvred my butt over the can and just let it go. It was really loud and lasted forever and filled the can to the brim. Lol and then I had to get rid of it. So I got up and carried the trash can out of the room. I ran into the father in law while I was in the hall way and some of the pee sloshed out of the can and landed on my grandma's cricket chair. (She really has a cricket chair, it squeaks when you sit in it and sounds like a cricket. Lol) and I am so embarrassed and try to clean it up hoping he won't realize that it is actually pee. I find a bottle of cleaner that is a combination of 409 and something else. And I start cleaning it up with a white wash cloth and wondering why the cloth doesn't turn yellow, and hoping the father in law doesn't smell urine. Lol then I finally woke up and went to the bathroom.

THE REALITY The dreamer was spending the night at her best friend's house. They had gone to a concert that night and she stayed over. The dreamer wanted to go to the toilet very badly when she awoke. Her friend was a bit funny about what she flushed down the toilet(she has a septic tank). So the dream was related to the dreamer having to negotiate her friends very fussy beliefs about toilets.

THE INTERPRETATION Sometimes its a bit awkward using someone else's toilet especially in the middle of the night when you cannot ask for permission. In this case the dreamers best friend had previously been very fussy about what should be flushed down the toilet.

The cricket chair is a symbol of something that makes a very obvious sound. And when you wake up in the middle of the night the sound is very obvious when you go to the toilet.

Symbolic Meanings
CRICKET CHAIR : "her grandmothers chair makes a creaking noise - maybe this symbolised the extremely conspicuous noise the dreamer would make whilst in someone else's house"
URINE : "the real life need to go to the toilet"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I woke up at my friends house after staying overnight after a concert. She can be a bit funny about toilets as she has a septic tank. I guess I was a bit freaked out about waking up in a strange house. I was desperate to go so I was going to have to do it"

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