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Dream symbolism - stupid aliens

A dream of being attacked by aliens was triggered by some paranoid out of control thoughts the night before.

THE DREAM I was been attacked in a kind of battle by aliens. There were different kinds of aliens - some green and some blue. I was really scared of them as we were completely unarmed. Yet I attacked one of them and he was fairly stupid. I managed to overcome him easily.

THE REALITY The previous evening the dreamer had allowed his thoughts to run away with him. He was starting to become really paranoid. He had believed that a friend was going to move away. This had upset him but it was completely untrue. In fact he had got worked up about something. He realised that he had been completely stupid.

THE INTERPRETATION If only one issue was on the dreamers mind the night before then its likely to cause any dream.

Aliens often symbolize powerlessness. So this dream maybe represents the dreamers feelings of powerlessness as he was unable to stop his friend moving town. He had in fact been stupid and so the stupid alien maybe represented his stupid tendencies which came out the night before. .

Symbolic Meanings
ALIENS :"Having to face something where you have no power - the dreamer had no right to tell his friend not to move away."
BATTLE :"A real life emotional battle"
STUPID ALIENS :"The dreamer realised that he had been totally stupid and could overcome some of the worst aspects of his obsessive and paranoid behaviour."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was worried that she was leaving. I totally got things wrong so I got upset for absolutely no reason."

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