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Shark bites dream

This dreamer clearly linked this dream to her ex boyfriend.

THE DREAM I remember the couple dreams I had were distressing.. One involved being forced to fish for sharks without gloves or proper gear so I ended up getting bit. The next one was the one that stuck out to me in the morning. I remember standing on the ledge of a really high sea wall with a ton of other people. We were all stuck there as giant waves were crashing below us against the wall. The waves were tipping over boats floating in the ocean. The only way out was to jump in the water and hope to float away where you could reach the shore. I just remember feeling so stuck.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION I had this dream the day after my birthday which was a couple months after my girlfriend and I broke up. During those few months I'd really been struggling with my emotions to let go of her. I'd been doing all I could to be productive and keep myself busy with fun and friends, but could never seem to stop thinking about her everyday. I was hoping to at least hear from her on my birthday the day before, but was disappointed she never contacted me. Had a great night with friends and felt grateful for the people in my life. But thought of her when I got home. I can clearly see this dream was vividly showing me how stuck I felt with my emotions about holding onto my ended relationship

Posted at October 2, 2011, 19:07 by ErikaLeigh7105 (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED October 3, 2011, 01: 1: 13) Thanks for that dream. Its clearly related to what you mention. Try to see the main issues in the storyline - the general themes. In the dream you have to let things get worse before they will get better. You have to jump in the water before you can be rescued. That's the core part to me. But what could that mean? I suppose that when we feel upset we have to indulge those feelings. If you are upset then its important to allow yourself time to be upset. That you have to "mourn" the death of your relationship. So I think you are allowing yourself time and space to recover.

N (POSTED December 16, 2011, 22: 5: 23) I'm so glad I found my solution online.

N (POSTED December 16, 2011, 22: 5: 24)

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