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A baby dream and large building

THE DREAM I am in a large building, multi-story, with my neighbor friend. Not sure what level we were on but it wasn't the first level. Anyway, we are in there to steal and we do, a few large wads of cash and some papers, not sure what the papers were. We start running to get out of there before we get caught and two men start chasing us, one focusing on her and the other focusing on me. We run outside and across the street, she's ahead of me, and our car is in a parking lot. Not sure how to describe it, but to get into the parking lot you have to jump down (there's concrete walls around the parking lot, kind of like how a basement is made before the house is put on top). I see my friend jump down into the parking lot and she gets hurt where she can't get up but she's OK otherwise, the man chasing her does the same and also gets hurt to where he can't get up. The man chasing me catches up to me and grabs me right before I get to the edge to jump into the parking lot, so we struggle and I get him in front of me closest to the edge and as hard as I can push him over into the parking lot. I don't see him land but I hear my friend gasp and yell..."Oh my God you killed him!!!" I look down and he is laying on the ground with most of his head ripped off his body, it's only hanging on by some skin on one side. I think to myself that it wasn't THAT far to fall and am confused why he got that badly hurt, then figure when he went over the edge he must have hit head first and that's why his head was nearly tore off. His eyes are still moving and I'm suddenly worried he will live long enough to tell the authorities I did that to him then he stops moving and I feel relief but am still scared and trying to figure out what story to give the police if they show up. I ask my friend if she's OK and she says she is, then I go over to the guy who had been chasing her (he's still laying on the ground hurt) and ask him if he's OK. I jump down into the parking lot next to him and he asks me to come closer, I am afraid he will try to hurt me but do it anyway. He pulls out a picture of his children, hands it to me, and asks me to please go tuck them in bed for him. I think "I don't even know where he lives!" then I look closer at him and realize he used to be my upstairs neighbor at the old apartments I lived in last year. The apartments in my dream exist in real life but the man doesn't. For some reason in my dream I remembered him as a neighbor with a pregnant wife and kids though. I tell him I will and go to his house, where his wife is pregnant with yet another baby and lets me in to see the children. The man is there and I get scared again, his face looks burnt on one side and he is pretty badly hurt, and I think he will hurt me to get back at me for what I did to the other guy. He puts on a mask, like a green alien mask that a kid would put on for Halloween and makes me put on a mask too, mine is white and looks more like a human face like the smile/frown faces you see in porcelain that some people hang on their walls (forget what they're called). My mask is plastic though. I tell him we don't need the masks and ask him to take his off because it's scaring me, he does and I take mine off too.

THE REALITY A day or so before the dreamer had gone to marriage counseling with her husband. During the session they talked about how the previous week had gone. They had had four good days but then 2 days of fighting. The dreamer told the therapist that the good days had been good but did not feel "real". They had been living in a fantasy world and just avoided the issues pretending that they did not exist. Her husband was hurt by what she said. He did not say anything but remained distant afterwards. She asked him about it and he said that he didn't want her to be fake or to pretend to enjoy his company.

THE INTERPRETATION The previous day the dreamer had spoken to her husband about their marriage guidance session. Its often fair to assume that things that happen the previous day are important and will trigger off our dream . In this case the dreamer had been looking at the situation in an intuitive way. Such intuitions clearly can be traced in the dream .

So with that in mind we can see what the dream means. Masks are symbols of false emotions. They show that you are concealing your true feelings. The dreamer feels that her mask is plastic and that's quite clearly showing that her own good days had clearly been false and that any good feelings had been artificial(plastic often links to something artificial).

The other symbols also make sense. Babies can be symbols of fresh new hopes. Perhaps the baby pictures symbolised how the dreamers husband had been viewing the situation. He had been "picturing" how well things had been going.

Burning flesh can link to hurt feelings and sensitivity. In this case the burnt face shows that the husband had clearly been sensitive about his wife's honesty.

Symbolic Meanings
BABY : "a fresh new start - in this case the dreamers husband had hoped things had been good and that they had started afresh"
BURNT : "sensitive feelings - she had sensed that the things she had said had hurt her husband"
MASK : "hiding your true feelings - here they had not been revealing their true feelings and had been pretending to get along with each other. Any progress was fake"
MULTI LEVEL : "looking at a problem on different levels. On the surface the relationship seemed fine but deep down they had just been avoiding issues"
PARKING LOT : "The dreamer feels that she and her husband have come to a standstill in the relationship and had not been making progress"
PICTURES : "you are picturing something in your mind - in this case the dreamer has started to imagine how her husband was seeing things. He had been picturing how well they had been doing"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I told my husband at marriage counselling that I felt that the good days during the previous week had been false. He took it in a bad way. He misinterpreted what I felt. Its pointless trying to bury issues. I think he was hurt because he felt that we had been doing so well."

Try to see how the symbolic meanings weave together to form a conceptual insight into the dreamers marriage

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