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Parents and midnight swim - dream interpreting

This midnight swim dream symbolised the dreamers sudden burst of enthusiasm the day before.

THE DREAM - I was in my parents car. I didn't recognize them as my parents but just knew they were. They suddenly get out and said they were going for a midnight swim

THE REALITY The dreamer was feeling a bit tired and listless without any clear direction at the time of the dream. He had not been able to focus most of the day. He ended up the day lacking any real direction. Then during the night he started to feel enthused. His focus returned.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I had a slow and meaningless day yesterday. Then at the very end I started to get enthused and creative in my thinking."

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamers lack of clear direction was symbolised by the car which was at a standstill. Cars represent our movement towards our goals on a day to day basis. The swim represents the need to move to a new emotional state. The dreamer just needed an emotional pick up. It was the end of the day so maybe midnight represented how it was a mood which hit the dreamer during the night. Sometimes we can spend the whole day and things never seem to click - we lack focus. We cannot seem to get involved in things. Our dreams monitor such changes in our moods and help us on our way.

Symbolic Meanings
CAR : "journey through life - the journey through life that day had been rather slow "
MIDNIGHT : "the end of the day"
PARENTS : "doing the sensible thing"
SWIM : "trying to get to a new situation - the dreamer is trying to snap out of some mood"

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