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Drains overflow in house - dream

Try to work out dreams in reverese. This dreamer was exhausted and overworked. Try to think how this dream could represent this state.

THE DREAM - I am in a house I used to live in. There seems to be some new activity. I am looking at the drains. They are open to view and the waters are moving. It is all open to view. Some new water comes in from below. It gushes up and spills over the top. I am then outside looking at the house. Someone has reported some activity outside. There is excreta on the outside. It has overflowed.

THE REALITY The drains is probably a play on words. It symbolises the way the dreamer had been drained recently. The sewage spilled over because the frustration she was experiencing was not being communicated properly.

THE INTERPRETATION In this case the home represented the dreamers body. She was exhausted and could not fulfil work obligations. The drains represented an infrastructure - the very structure of her life. The fact that the drains were overflowing suggest that there was something wrong with the structure of her life - the work load was to exhausting. The sewage was spilling over showing that at any minute there was a chance that things would break.

Houses are often seen simply as representing "the self". That is true in some circumstances but not always. Dreams can often be about specific issues within your life such as your health or some aspect of work. In that way houses are not about you but your approach to something. They can also be about other people. In this dream the house represents a possibility and vision of some new way of living. It therefore symbolises an approach or way of seeing things.

Symbolic Meanings
DRAIN : "feeling drained - the dreamer felt tired out as work was starting to be very hectic"
HOUSE : "the dreamers body - in this case its linked to the dreamers health and tiredness"
OVERFLOW : "out of control - the dreamer is unable to cope with the tiredness at work "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I feel drained at the moment. Work is starting to be a strain. I was exceptionally tired yesterday. I do not know if I can cope any longer"

See how the symbolic meanings represent an insight the dreamer has into his present circumstances

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