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Ignoring a tornado - dream analysis

Try to see how dreams mirror real life. In this dream the dreamer is 'ignoring' a tornado - this seems to mirror reality as the dreamer was 'ignoring' the dangers as he was snapping at his bosses at work

THE DREAM - I saw a tornado and I wasn't scared (most people I see are trying to get away or just hiding) and I was enjoying it I faced it head on and wanted more I was just fascinated by it. It was snowing like I wanted it too and as the tornado was going crazy I was just playing in the snow just watching the full flakes land on me and just having fun.

THE REALITY The dreamer hates his job because its so full of drama. Just lately the he had become really snappy at people not caring what position they hold.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams will tend to play out recent key thoughts. So look at those key thoughts and see how a dream could represent those. In this case the dreamer recognized a key similarity - he had been making smart comments at work. This could easily be represented in the dream by the fearless way in which he was ignoring the tornado. So the dream is probably the dreamer trying to warn himself about his risky behavior.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
NOT SCARED : "The dreamer is recognizing his lack of fear at making smart comments to his superiors at work"
TORNADO : "Symbolic of the danger the dreamer is ignoring"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have noticed how I have been behaving at work. I have been making comments to people higher up the scale than me without worrying about the consequences."

See how the symbolic meanings capture a key realisation about the dreamers behavior at work.

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