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Men playing cards against women - dream symbolism

THE DREAM I was sitting, at a round table my sisters in law was opposite to me and my father and my ex boyfriend were sitting opposite to each other. We were playing cards women against men. My ex was sitting on my right and so had to play before me he put on the table The Rey of Heart and I played the Ace of clubs and then I saw myself very happy because I won the game. Then I woke up as I was walking with my ex to his car, I told good bye but just for a while as if I knew about his coming back very soon and I saw him driving away.

THE REALITY The dreamer had recently split with her ex. However, she still felt that "providence" would play a part. In that some chance meeting will bring them back together.

DREAM SYMBOLISM The dream features playing cards. That is a symbol of chance. Therefor the dream will link in some way to chance happenings. The dreamer connected this dream with providence and the feeling that fate would bring them back together in some chance happening. It linked to a deep feeling that lurked inside her. Its best to let the dreamer make the connections. After all dream reveal their thoughts and emotions. Their are some clues in dream symbols but often its best to allow the dreamer to make connections. In the dream there is very much a feel of good-bye for now - and so the dreamer very much still feels the connection.

Cars are a symbol of day to day conscious world so that's very consistent with reality. They may have been parted in the day to day conscious world but she still felt the connection deep down.

The dreamers father also appears and so that is an obvious symbol of sensible and acceptable behavior. It is a symbol of the need to impose authority and do the right thing even if this moves away from what your heart desires.

Symbolic Meanings
CARDS : "the cards that are dealt to you in life - the dreamer feels that her luck will change"
HEART : "your feelings of love and devotion"
MEN AND WOMEN : "an issue about romantic feelings"
RAY OF HEARTS : "the dreamer knows the cards will be in her favour"
SISTER : "think openly and freely on a subject"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know I have split with my ex. But I am certain that we will come back together again at some point in the future"

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