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Aeroplane never takes off dream

DREAM - air plane one night I had a dream that I was getting on a jet and the next night I had one of getting on an airplane. it never takes off but it has some of my past friends in it and it also has the guy I like in it. also a few nights ago I had a dream and it didn't have the airplane but it still had my friends in it that are from past places I lived. I have no clue what these dreams could mean ??

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:I wanted to get away from my house n see friends and I also wanted to see the boy I like since he isn't close enough for me to visit. also I've had a lot going on that has caused me to be very stressed out lately.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Well most dreams simply capture your thoughts. Its just a matter of working out the symbolism. How could this dream capture YOUR THOUGHTS. Bearing in mind that you want to see your friends and get out of the house and see your boyfriend then how does this dream capture those thoughts?

AIRPLANE: The air plane can be a symbol of things that you want to do quickly... new priorities that you want to 'take off' the ground. You want to see friends and your boyfriend quickly yet you cannot.

Yet you STAY on the ground. That shows that your wishes to get away as quickly as possible you still feel that you are in the departure lounge... see ... its like a metaphor.

You CAN see your bf - but not as often as you want... when you really want to see him and cannot you will probably get this type of dream
COMMENT I thought finding this would be so arduous but it's a brzeee!
by Sanne

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