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Teeth falling out - dream analysis

During sleep often continue the struggles that have been affecting us during the day. We cannot get these things out of our minds and so our dreams reflect the emotions that we are feeling and rehearses how we intend to act. The stories within these dreams will tend to bear no resemblence to reality. Yet they deal with exactly the same core emotions

THE DREAM Wednesday night I dreamed that I was walking down the street and my teeth were falling out into my hand. There was blood and I remember not feeling pain but being aware that this would cause a lot of pain. I was very conscious that others would notice and was rushing to find a dentist. I kept covering my mouth and praying to god not to let this happen. I remember feeling total panic.

Then, Thursday night I dreamed that I was in a public place when I noticed that my pants had a tear in them. I was very conscious that other people would notice and again I was trying to conceal this from others.

THE REALITY The dreamer was attending a group program to help recover from a drug addiction. She attended a group session on Wednesday night and was doing some reading on Thursday. She was due to tackle the fourth step which involves taking a fearless and moral inventory of herself. She felt overwhelmed by this and really did not know where to begin.

DREAM ANALYSIS Its always best to interpret dreams in reverse. We look to the day before and see for issues which seem to fit the dream symbols. If there are any links with recent issues then try to explore these to the fullest extent.

In this case the dreamer to have two anxiety dreams. They both appeared to link to anxiety in front of others. The first dream seems to link more the need to explore painful issues inside herself. Then the second probably links to anxiety linked to standing in front of others. She was due to get up and talk in front of others.

Symbolic Meanings
DENTIST : "Something painful and unpleasant which has to be done"
TEETH FALL OUT : "Perhaps this links to worries about talking in front of others"
TORN PANTS : "Worrying about how she will appear in front of others when she talks about her fourth step"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I feel nervous and unable to deal with this next step in my drug programme. "

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