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Killing and magic dream

THE DREAM I dreamt of a magical place. There seemed to be lots of people dying or being killed.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The previous night the dreamer had started to watch the first series of "Game of Thrones" a very popular drama set in medieval times. It was very inspiring and the dreamer had forgotten most of it.

DREAM ANALYSIS : Dreams capture important emotions from the previous day. Sometimes these can be emotions linked to quite trivial subjects. Basically this dreams meaning linked to this quite trivial thought "That was a good film on TV last night." The dreamer had got really involved in the storyline and so was st arting to live the events as if they were real. There are two other clues to link this dream to watching this drama series the night before. The dream seemed to involve lots if killing and death and that certainly mirrors "Game of Thrones" as there are numerous deaths in every episode. Also, the dream seems to have been in a magical place. Game of Thrones features several storylines which involve magic. Dreams will often not mention explicitly the subject of their dream. Instead they feature things that we associate with that symbol. In real life we associate "Game of Thrones" with lots of death and magic. The dreams meaning probably linked to this thought "I had forgotten how good Game of Thrones is. I got really involved in the storylines. It was so good with all that death and magic."

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