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Crocodile mouth dream

DREAM I was in a house and an alligator was in the toilet. It was not so big so I was thinking this was something I could deal with. I am thinking about how I can keep its mouth shut so it cannot bite me. I keep thinking what do I do when I have shut its mouth. Do I just keep it shut.

GUESSWORK The dreamer had been talking to a girl who was much younger than him. He got the distinct feeling that she was wanting a relationship with him. They got on really well but he felt a bit overwhelmed by it all. She was a bit too young and wild for him.

1. ALLIGATOR: Alligators can link to all kinds of things in dreams. What do you see feel if you see an alligator? You certainly want to avoid it! Its really too much to handle! In this case the dreamer was feeling a similar feeling. He felt as if a possible relationship with a woman who was a lot younger was too much to handle. So the dream very probably means just that. This was a significant thought dominating the dreamer the night before. So its likely that this triggered the dream.

Alligators and other dangerous animals often symbolise people and situations which are simply too much for the dreamer. Its your minds way of saying "This is too difficult" or "I really cannot cope with this"

To understand the dream simply try to see how that type of feeling is relevant right now. The day before this dream the dreamer was starting to realise that a girl much younger than himself was wanting a relationship. He thought this was too much. The dream then merely captures this feeling "I think she definitely wants a relationship. But she is so much younger. Its all a bit too much for me. She is a bit wild"

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