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Ex boss lost his job dream

THE DREAM I was feeling a little ashamed of how I had behaved. In the dream I was thinking about someone who in real life I feel very bitter towards (my ex boss). Yet I was realising how that person had fallen on difficult times. So I was feeling guilty. I was feeling shock and sadness.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had been feeling very bitter towards his ex boss. He was angry at how he left the company and how he was treated. He had often passed his old workplace and felt bitter yet for a long period he had not seen his old boss and his car was not in the car park. It was beginning to dawn on him how his old boss had probably lost his job too.

DREAM ANALYSIS: This dream actually seems quite literal. Many emotional dreams are very literal. The dream seems to capture this exact thought "I was very bitter towards my ex boss. I wished the worst upon him. But recently I have been wondering if he too has lost his job so I am starting to feel ashamed of my bitter and twisted wishes."

If you have strong feelings of hatred towards someone then you cannot let go of those feelings easily. Even when they encounter hard times you may find it difficult to feel genuine sorrow for them.

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