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Roman army - dream dictionary meanings

THE DREAM There was a Roman army fighting some ancient battle. They were stuck along a long road fighting in this confined space fighting a defensive rearguard action. Also there are these wild dogs or wolves snapping away.

Later on there is this child. She is with her mother. She has got these lovely colourful clothes on.

THE REALITY The dreamer was deeply attracted to a woman. The feelings were not returned. It was difficult for the dreamer as they both worked together. He had previously felt that this woman was destined for him but the night before it he was thinking how bad things can happen in life for no reason. The dreamer was suffering bad depression due to this situation.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams will tend to link to recent feelings and events. In this case the dreamer was haunted by a relationship which was causing him continual stress. The Roman army fighting a rearguard action seems to be a symbol very consistent with this real life battle. So its safe to assume that the dream could link to this one situation.

Ancient times are an excellent symbol for this situation. Life in ancient times were nasty, brutish and short. In real life the dreamer was thinking how life could be brutal and nasty. So a dream which takes place in ancient times seems a very relevant metaphor for this.

Dreams often capture our mixed and complex feelings. Clearly the child could represent the positive feelings and attraction for this woman. He particularly liked her childlike enthusiasm and wonderful sense of dress.

The dreamer was thinking about this situation the night before. He was thinking how bad things could happen for no reason. The wolves tend to link to hard times. Ancient times often represent times in our lives when we suffer dramatically hard and brutal times. Times when bad things can happen for no reason.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
COLOURFUL CLOTHES : "The dreamer was attracted to this woman particularly for her good color sense and choice of clothes. "
CHILD : "The dreamer was attracted to this woman for her child like qualities - boundless enthusiasm."
ROMAN ARMY : "Ancient wars tend to represent cruel and hard times - the fact that bad things can happen in life for no reason."
WOLVES : "These often symbolise gruelling times that are wearing us down."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "It has been a real struggle. This attraction to this woman has caused me real grief. I cannot help still loving her though. I cannot get away from her - its very gruelling. I am still really attracted to her but I cannot help think that bad things happen for no good reason."

See how the symbolic meanings capture some key mixed feelings the dreamer had about a relationship which was causing the dreamer lots of problems.

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