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Dream symbolism - vets

THE DREAM I was in various situations with business people. I was going down these alleys and backstreets in the old town. In the last bit we were on this roof. Someone said we have just started these new vets and we had no idea how we would pay them. They had just gone on a raid to save some animals and thats where they were now. They were going down. I was scared of the heights and to get down I would have to jump on this ladder and avoid a huge fall. It was almost impossible for me

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer had met some young people who were setting up in business. He was usually very anxious meeting with people who he felt out of place with. He was very uncomfortable having to talk with people he felt completely out of his depth with.


If you are scared in a dream then it will usually reflect some real life fear. The day before this dream the dreamer felt out of his depth meeting some people who were about to set up in business. Since the dream also features businessmen then it seems likely that the dream was about this situation.

Symbolic Meanings
HEIGHTS :"Heights often link to fears in real life - the dreamer was scared to mix with some business people the day before"
BUSINESS TYPES:"This was a literal symbol as the dreamer had been mixing with some people about to set up in business."
IMPOSSIBLE :"The dreamer had felt an identical emotion the day before as he was mixing with people whom he felt completely out of his depth with. The situation was impossible for him"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I hate meeting people I feel out of depth with. I have a "lot of sympathy for these young business types I met yesterday as they are involved in a worthy cause. Yet I do not like mixing with them"

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