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Cheating on my boyfriend - dream analysis

This dream places the dreamer in her boyfriends shoes. She is the one who has cheated rather than him. She is trying to understand what he did and put things in perspective.

THE DREAM - I have had several dreams where I am cheating on my boyfriend. I am either kissing them or about to have sex. I have this strong feeling that "I want revenge for when he cheated on me (he kissed another girl in real life)."

THE REALITY A month before the dream the dreamer found out her boyfriend cheated on her by kissing another girl on the lips and neck. She has moments where she feels like punching him and moments when she feels like its not a big deal. He often says how he feels guilty about what happened. She has told him that if he had told her straight away she would have forgiven him much more easily.

In real life the dreamer clearly had some mixed feelings. She might be angry one day and quite calm about it the next. She was having difficulty dealing with it. It is very difficult to trust someone after they have cheated on you. At the back of that persons mind is the feeling "once a cheater always a cheater."

This dream probably hints at the types of questions that she is asking herself. She is thinking "how would he feel if I took revenge?" or "how would he feel if it was me who cheated?" By repeating what he did she is perhaps trying to understand what he did. She is seeing things from his perspective.

What does the dream mean? It does not mean that she wishes for revenge. It just means that she is still dealing with this issue. She still needs to get the anger out of her system.

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