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Sunny and warm stream - dream analysis

Snakes normally have meanings which are negative. This dreamer associated snakes with "energy work" and "spiritualism" and so it is likely that the dream is about that.

THE DREAM I pulled up to the woman's house who had just done some energy work on me the night before the dream. In my dream, she lived in the mountains with lots of plants and animals. It was sunny and warm out. There was a stream with fish in it near the parking area by her house. It was so beautiful! When I parked, I noticed this bright orange snake. I got out of my car to see that part of the snake was under my car. I thought I had run it over! :( But I just missed him. He was so full (from belly to throat) from all the fish he had just ate. He was too full to even move out of my way. When I got inside of my friend's house, there was a party inside!

GUESSWORK The night before the dreamer had come home from a pretty intense energy session that sent her into euphoria for hours until she fell asleep. She felt that this snake was symbolic of her kundalini being satisfied and flowing full of energy.

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1. PARTY. Often if we go to sleep feeling very emotional and in a very string mood o some kind then we will dream something similar. In this case the party captures the dreamers euphoric and sociable mood. She feels in a party mood so she dreams of parties.
2. WARM AND SUNNY. Again this represents the dreamers emotional state as she fell asleep. She feels as if it is warm and sunny within her own outlook.
3. SNAKE FULL OF FISH. Normally snakes are negative symbols. But symbols can be very personal. If the dreamer interprets snakes in more positive and creative ways then her mind may choose such symbols in different ways to other people. She said that the snake represented her kundalini being satisfied and flowing full of energy.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to dreamers euphoric mood the night before the dream. The dream deals with the following themes
- Feeling satisfied
- Having a positive outlook
- Feeling very energetic and sociable

If you weave together the different themes you find that they could capture these thoughts -"I had a great energy session last night. I feel so satisfied within myself and sociable. I am just full of it!"

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