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A wolf and an eagle become one - dream analysis

This dreamer had been thinking about her Native American heritage the night before. Now read through the dream - its easy to see how the two are connected.

THE DREAM I had a dream last night that a wolf was running in the woods and jumped up and an Eagle swooped down and they became one.

THE REALITY The previous night the dreamer had been talking about her Native American heritage.

DREAM ANALYSIS Conversations and thoughts from the previous day are important in generating dreams. They are linked to the emotions and thoughts which result from these situations. This dream features two icons of the natural world - the wolf and the eagle. The Native American culture was a natural way of living. The wolf and eagle become one - the symbolic unity of the land and the skies. Its a metaphor for living in unity with the natural world. Perhaps its a metaphor for the dreamers own heritage - partly white European and partly Native American. The eagle representing modern America and the wolf the native American past. So these two heritages merge together to form a modern American - with two distinct heritages which are both respected.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
EAGLE AND WOLF: "symbolic of the natural world - a central feature of Native American culture"
EAGLE:"Maybe a symbol for the modern American government"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was talking about my Native American heritage with my husband last night. The unity of nature and a natural way of living."

See how the Symbolic meanings repeat a strong emotion from the day before prior to going to sleep.

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