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Agreeing to pay - dream dictionary

A dream where the dreamer was in the audience was linked to the dreamer falling out with friends. When he had these friends he felt more involved and in the center stage. Now he was merely looking on at others having fun.

THE DREAM - I was at some musical performance. It was a like a band playing. I found myself backstage and thought I should not be there. I thought it wrong that I was there. It was wrong that I was actually part of the thing. I said to Janette that I had agreed to pay. She then made it possible for me to go into the audience. Whilst backstage I felt as if I was part of the event - I was involved.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just recently decided to split from a group of friends. Janette (who appeared in the dream) was part of this group of friends and stood out as a leader. The dreamer was very unhappy because of this loss of friends but he knew it was his decision.

DREAM MEANING The dream probably captures this kind of feeling - "I am very much on the outside now. It was my decision though so I cannot complain."

How do we come to this analysis? How can we show how this dream represents this exact thought process? Well firstly, the dream features Janette - and this give a strong hint as to the meaning of the dream. If we can associate something with a dream then quite often the dream will link to that person or that issue. This dream features jannette who stood out as a leader of a group of friends. So the dream could be about her and that group of friends. Just recently the dreamer had cut himself off from this group of friends and was very unhappy because of it. Dreams will often link to prominent issues like this so we can assume that this issue may have caused this dream so we can then try to look for more clues as to its meaning. The dream probably captures some key feeling linked to this loss of friends.

The focal point of the dream was that the dreamer had agreed to him going to the audience. Dreams are like this and they may make a point about something. If you "agree" to do something in a dream then it may simply mirror reality where you have just "agreed" to do something. Somehow this is vitally important to the dream. What can we deduce from this? Well the dreamer had split from this group of friends himself. He was unhappy but it had been his decision. So we can suggest a possible meaning - the dream captures this exact feeling - "I did agree to split from these friends. Janette was just allowing me to do what I had decided to do".

In losing these friends the dreamer felt excluded - with so many friends he felt part of a group - as if things were happening to him. Now he felt he was watching on - watching others live their lives. In a strange way the dream portrays this as well. While backstage the dreamer felt part of the event but whilst part of the audience he was just one of the people watching on. So in a strange way this portion of the dream captures this exact feeling - "I now feel locked out. I am excluded and feel as if I am outside looking in. Before things were happening to me all the time. I had friends and everyday something new happened".

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