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Sadistic and violent dream

DREAM - violent dreams I keep having violent dreams where I keep cutting off my boyfriends arms and legs and even sadistically hitting him with them. I am teasing and taunting him. I keep hitting him until I am satisfied.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer kept having these strange thoughts in real life which were similar to the dream. She might be sat happily with him when these strange urges entered her mind. She was pregnant at the time of the dream and wondered if the dream was linked to that.

DREAM ANALYSIS: These dreams seem definitely linked to the violent urges that the dreamer keeps getting. The dreams simply mirror these violent feelings in real life. So what can we make of these?

The dream mind looks for strange behaviour and unusual activity that may be something to worry about. So if the dreamer has had these thoughts in any way they will spill over into dreams.

The dream mind may actually be making the situation worse. It just mirrors some strange thoughts in waking life. However, when we have disturbing dreams like this then our waking mind will start to worry. This process can spiral out of control.

It maybe that these thoughts are due to the dreamer being pregnant. Pregnancy can cause huge mood swings and so this could be what is making the situation worse.

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