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Swept away dream

Try to see dreams as metaphors - in this dream try to see clean water as a metaphor for clean emotions.

DREAM - swept away I had a dream my husbands ex lover jumped into a swimming pool that was being drained ,as soon as she hit the shallow water the pool started to fill with clean water and washed her away.

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:Her being my friend and having an affair with my husband and claiming shes 4 months pregnant.

ASSOCIATIONS AND SYMBOLISM: The foolowing associations and symbolic can be made to this dream.
1. HUSBANDS EX LOVER: If a dream features her ex husbands lover then its likely that the dream deal with the feelings of bitterness and rejection.
2. SWEPT AWAY: In the dream her husbands ex lover is swept away. What could this symnbolise? Perhaps it deals with her wish to forget about this woman? Maybe it deals with her wish for harm to come this woman's way? Its most likely oit links to her wish to forget all the bad feelings and move on. There is a point when we have to stop thinking about the past and start turning our attention to the future.
3. CLEAN WATER: The dream ends up with 'clean water'. This must give a hint to the dreams meaning. If the water is clean it suggests that something has been cleansed - surely then this refers to the dreamers need to get rid of her bad feelings. She needs to forget her ex and all the bitterness and move on with her life. Thinking of the past only leads to bitterness.

DREAM ANALYSIS: The dream deals with the following themes.
- Bad feelings towards her ex husbands lover
- cleansing your feelings

If you weave together the two themes and think about the dreamers thoughts at the time you will find out that the dream captures this type of thought - "I was extremely bitter towards my ex and his lover. I need to start again and get rid of those feelings. I need to stop thinking about her and start getting on with my life."

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