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Baby crying and wolf dream -dream analysis

Quotes in dreams may be packed with meaning. The quote "I have to finish something" was perhaps a symbol for the dreamers eagerness to get moving with a work project.

THE DREAM The dream had a urgent sensation. There was a parking lot partially surrounded by woods. I was looking for something. I didn't know what till I heard a baby cry. I ran fast to the baby covered with a white cloth but the face was concealed. There were two squirrel's next to the baby. I pushed and scared them away. Then a dark dog arrived resembling a wolf (not sure). It was riddling or itching the neck of the baby. I tried to fend it off. Suddenly a white dog attacked me. I managed to hold its nozzle and a feeling rage and sadness started to fill me and I ripped the lower jaw in a scream and cried. The dark dog pounced on me. I turn and wrestled with it, choked it. Am not sure it I killed it.

My brother came along with some other people. Something was still wrong. They surrounded me asking if everything is all right. I told to take care of the baby. I started to take off my clothes in irritation. "I have to finish something" I cried. I didn't know what. I looked at the parking lot and saw the white dog with a broken jaw moving behind cars. "I have to finish something" I put my pants back on and someone tried to help. I asked for a knife. Everyone was surprised. I screamed "Give me a knife". I man with glass quickly turns, reaches for something and gives a scalpel. The scalpel in my hand. "It will have to do". I run to the wounded dog.

I woke up at that point. Disguised with myself. I did the right thing protecting the baby. BUT perhaps the baby didn't need protection. The squirrels were just watching the baby. The dark dog probably just itching the baby, as if taking take of fleas. And the white wolf trying to push me away. I felt I was the problem. Confusion, rage, sadness, all simultaneous with me in the dream . It made me feel acquired all day. I had to talk about but nothing seemed to clear the sensation of wrong in me.

THE REALITY The dreamer had recently been putting himself into a project connected with his career. He had put a lot of effort into achieving something that was extremely ambitious but because of his own failings and the lack of support from others this had failed. He had worked on this night and day. Together with that he recently felt strong feelings for a woman but these could not be reciprocated because she was a lesbian. On failing his project he was immediately overtaken with the need to sort things out with her.

DREAM ANALYSIS Life is complicated. Dreams obviously link to emotions and situations on our minds but this situation is tremendously complicated. Dreams represent day to day life in symbolic form and this dream is very complicated so its probably very difficult to spot what symbol relates to what portion of his day to day reality. But this dream has been included in this study for good reason. How exactly would you go about analyzing such a dream ?

Firstly you need to get a hold of the dream . There are lots of complicated things going on. But the most recent feelings are probably most important. The dreamer had committed himself to his work but right now he was distracted by the need to sort things out with the girl he was attracted to.

One way to understand this dream is to spot something that is recognizable in the dream . In this case it is the feeling that something is unnecessary. That is a key point and key emotion from the dream - "perhaps the baby didn't need protection." The dreamer then goes onto feel that the fault was with him.

That emotion clearly links to real life. The dreamer had shown a moment of recognition. He finally realised that he was going from one thing to another - from work to the need to sort things out with this girl. He was spotting danger where danger did not exist. It was not necessary to move from one thing to another. This was a mere emotional reaction. When the attempts to win the love of a lesbian failed he threw himself into work and when work projects failed he then went in the other direction.

The symbols are very difficult in this dream and perhaps they are not particularly related to reality. They are merely part of a story. The central point put across by the dream is that something was unnecessary and that is the thing that you must try to match with real life.

Perhaps the message is clear. The dreamer should carry on with his work project and concentrate on something more achievable. It may also suggest that he does not need to sort things out with a lesbian because it is always going to be a difficult and complicated situation.

Wolves are often a symbol of bad times and that clearly can symbolise reality - the dreamers work project was in distinct danger of collapse.

The moment where he takes his clothes off and then starts to put them back on again also links in with reality. In real life he felt the need to open up his feelings to this girl - in that sense he was nakedly showing his feelings. Yet he later realised that this was folly. That is why in the dream he puts his clothes back on. In day to day life we do not nakedly show our feelings. We disguise true feelings all the way during the day - if we showed and explained our true feelings every time we got upset by something then pretty soon civilized society would soon break down.

Parking lots are often symbols of life been at a standstill and that clearly links in with day to day reality.

Symbolic Meanings
CAR : "your journey through life and progress towards your goals"
DOG : "a faithful and trusted friend - probably his brother who was working with him on this work project"
FACE : "facing this girl that he was attracted to"
NAKED : "the dreamer wants to show his feelings openly towards this girl"
PARKING LOT : "the project he is working on is currently at a standstill"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am troubled by two issues right now. I have worked night and day on a work project. It is failing though and I am not getting the support I require. I have also been thinking about this girl I like. I am really attracted to her. But I think she is a lesbian. I do not think it is wise to tell her how I feel. I cannot make up my mind"

See how the symbolic meanings represent the dreamers state of mind.

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