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Walked on water - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I was in the water at a sort of sea park. There was a stage and and audience and they were both on land. There was a rather large woman on the stage and she was talking to the audience. She was obviously very famous or popular because the audience would applaud after every sentence she said. She asked where she was and every one said, "on the Mississippi." And she asked unbelievably, "I'm on the Mississippi?" and everyone said yes. Then she pointed to me and said, "You are in the ocean." And everyone said, "The Gulf of Mexico." So she corrected herself and said, "You are in the Gulf of Mexico." Then she walked off the stage and walked on the water. Then I sort of floated up and started walking on the water. Soon everyone was walking on the water. Everyone was nonchalant about it. Like they walked on water everyday. When I started thinking about it and doubting that it could be possible, I dropped back into the water.

The day before this dream the dreamer was thinking about her own abilities - she was feeling undervalued. Notice that this dream seems to feature the dreamer comparing herself to others.

THE REALITY The dreamer was on holiday at the time of the dream. She felt undervalued at work though and also taken for granted at home. She was doing some free thinking and also thinking about quitting her job and starting a new career as a writer. But above all she was wishing for a raise at work to help recognize her abilities.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The obvious link into the dream was the woman speaker. She reminded the dreamer of her boss especially in the way that everyone responded to her. So immediately we have a link with work. Perhaps at this point its best to then look at some background information. If we establish a possible link with work we may then look for possible work issues. In this case the dreamer was feeling undervalued and wished for a raise. So lets see if that works in the dream.

In the dream the woman speaking is allowing herself to be led. This is a possible link into how the dreamer is thinking. She is wishing for a raise so the predominant thoughts in her mind will be about how to achieve this. If she believes that her boss is open to suggestions then she will be more confident about this.

In many ways the woman could be also representative of herself. Perhaps the dream is about her taking charge(being the boss) and at the same time receiving the public recognition that she felt lacking at that moment(the applause). So the dream then deals with two issues - the need for greater recognition at home and at work.

Maybe the dream also deals with confidence issues - the very belief that you can walk on water. Also if you are going to ask for a raise and wish for greater recognition it also can make you look as if you are overconfident so perhaps that fits in somewhere.

On a final note the dream also features this sea park. Perhaps that links in with the dreamers real life as well. The dream park could stand for the leisurely thinking she was doing whilst on holiday.

Symbolic Meanings
AUDIENCE : "very public - wanting recognition "
OCEAN : "a sense of deep involvement in some issue"
WATER PARK : "the dreamers own holiday - a relaxed pace at present "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been feeling undervalued at work. I have been wanting to quit my job and become a writer."

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