Dream symbolism - gang rape

A rape dream occurred as the dreamer was feeling "humiliated" and "taken advantage of" by builders - these are feelings associated with rape.

THE DREAM In my dream, I was walking down a road (densely wooded) and I turned around and saw there was a group of guys behind me. I started to walk faster, so did they. The wind slightly blew up my dress (it was short and casual style) and exposed the lower part of my rear. I overheard one of the men saying to the others about easy access and let's get her. When I turned around, I saw the man who said it was dark-haired, nice looking, in his twenties wearing jeans and a black leather jacket. I also noticed more men than the first time I looked. I was very afraid of being gang raped.

I don't know how I managed to get away from them, but I saw an office building and went inside. It was an Allstate Insurance office (I recently changed my insurance to them). I told the people not to let the men know I came in there and I looked for a place to hide. I told the office workers to call the police. I think I may have tried myself, also. I remember walking into different offices trying to find the best place to hide. I tried hiding under a bed, I realized they would look there and moved on. I decided they would find me, so I needed to find a better place to hide. I believe one or more of them may have come into the office looking for me. A woman from the office left with me. We ran across the parking lot into another building. We ran to the bottom floor. I saw metal railing. We got in the elevator. I wanted to go to the top floor. I pressed the button for the sixteenth floor. As the elevator door was closing, one of the men stuck his hand and body between the doors to keep them from closing. I kept pushing the "close door" button on the panel. We managed to get the doors closed. I felt relieved and felt glad that I pushed the 16th floor as they could not run up the stairs faster than the elevator. Then I woke up.

THE REALITY The dreamer was trying to sell her home. Her house had been flooded twice due to the developers next door. They said they would rectify the problem but continually lied and did nothing. They had to be forced at every possible stage. In order to sell the house the dreamer was dependent on builders sorting out the problem. The dreamer was fearful of rainfall and had been losing sleep over the issue for months.

Dreams about rape can have sexual causes but in many cases rape symbolises abuse in a wider sense. Dreams link to your own real life feelings so rape should really be very easy to spot. In this case the dreamer was experiencing a strong sense of abuse in a situation in her life. She had been troubled by a building site next door for months. She had been trying to sell her house but unable to do so because of drainage problems caused by the builders.

So here we have a situation which can obviously link to the dream. How exactly do the symbols portray and express her emotions?

Well in the early part of the dream she is in fear of gang rape yet in the later stages she runs away and fights them off. So actually this dream symbolises her own changing approach towards these builders. She is realising that its maybe something about how she is acting that maybe is encouraging this. They maybe feel that she is a typical woman who knows nothing and therefore is easily taken advantage of. Yet in the later stages of the dream she escapes them. That symbolises how she has learnt to resist the builders and learnt to stand up to them.

Skyscrapers can be seen in dreams as a kind of gauge to measure something. In this case the higher she goes up the skyscraper the stronger she is resisting and standing up to the builders.

Symbolic Meanings
ACROSS : "a transition to a new emotional feeling - a new mood within you"
BED : "a very personal symbol - the dreamer feels that it is something within her that the builders take advantage of"
ELEVATOR : "the dreamers confidence and self belief in standing up to the builders"
HIDING : "deceiving yourself / running away from the truth"
OFFICE : "the dreamer is organizing the issue in her mind"
OVERHEAR THEM SAY ITS EASY ACCESS : "what you overhear you know to be true. The builders think she is an easy touch"
PARKING LOT : "at a standstill - a need to get things moving"
PEOPLE : "generalisations on how you should behave - in this case how to behave in the building industry to get things done"
POLICE : "the dreamer feels that they are not keeping to their contractual obligations "
RAPE : "a sense of your feelings being violated - being taken advantage of"
TOP FLOOR : "The dreamer realises she has to appear confident and strong in front of the builders"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been trying to sell my home for ages. It is proving impossible. There are contractors in next door and pipes have been burst and the whole area is flooded. They have said they will fix things but they lie and continually cheat. I feel so powerless. I am starting to stand up to them now though.".

See how the dreams meaning is linked to the symbolic meanings discussed earlier

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