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Meteor sets moon on fire - dream analysis

This dream took place just after 9-11. Surely the meteor is a symbol for this momentus event in human history.

THE DREAM Shortly after 9/11, I dreamed that I was looking at a bright, beautiful full moon over the flatness of the Texas landscape. From the left side of my field of vision in the sky, I saw a large flaming meteor headed for the moon. From the right side of the field of vision in the sky, I saw a slightly smaller flaming meteor headed toward the moon. They crashed into the moon with incredible fury. The moon burst into flames and the fire spread to fill the entire sky above me. I did not feel fear in my dream as much as I felt awe and wonder.

THE REALITY This dream occurred shortly after the September 11 terror attacks.

DREAM ANALYSIS September 11 was one of the few events in history which has the ability to trigger dreams in virtually everyone. It sounds callous but normal plane crashes occur very regularly and they can bypass many people. They are just stories on the news. The people who died were not known to the average citizen.

September 11 was truly a world historical event. It did change the world in many ways. It led to two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. This dream records the sheer magnitude of this event. The event was also visually very spectacular. That surely comes across in this dream with the meteor shattering into the moon.

Dreams record our emotions. This dream probably shows the dreamers reaction emotionally to this huge event. It records its impact on him as a person. The dream lacks intense fear - possibly linking to the dreamers realisation that this event was not personally affecting the dreamers own life.

The moon is a symbol of Islam. Perhaps the dream has a specific meaning. That it records the possible backlash against Islam as it became known who had carried out the attacks.

Symbolic Meanings
METEOR : "The huge visual impact and effects of the September 11 attacks"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "The terror attacks were truly momentous. I am sure they will affect the way we think and feel. That was truly a historical event. When we watched those planes crash into the towers then we saw history made. This event will never ever be forgotten."

Try to see how the dreams meaning links in with the different symbolic meanings above.

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