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Assaulting mother in law dream

THE DREAM I keep having dreams about physically assaulting my soon to be mother-in law. Each one has been different but with basically the same story line. Her and I start off bickering then I attack her. during the attack we are separated by my fiancée and/or him and his younger brother and sister. After I am restrained I am put somewhere where I can see hear and sense they are talking about me and I feel locked up and shoved aside. I feel even more angry after I cant do anything but sit and watch them taunt me. then I wake up irritated and kind of mad at my fiancée.

Posted at August 10, 2012, 13:05 by allierose

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamers future mother in law is often drunk along with her grown up children. She often drinks all day long with her drinking buddies. She often says very hurtful things when drunk. Often she looks at the dreamer in a spiteful way and makes it obvious she is not keen on her presence. When she is drunk she smells of ashtrays and beer and talks of the her sons previous relationships. The dreamer gets quite angry but has to bite her tongue. Her fiance defends his mothers actions and even joins in being rude and insulting towards the dreamer

SYMBOLIC MEANINGS AND ASSOCIATIONS 1. ASSAULT MOTHER IN LAW: Dreams are not so much about the facts of your life more about feelings. So if you are assaulting someone in a dream then this could mean that you feel like saying something but cannot because of various pressures. In this case the dreamer had a massive hatred of her mother in law and her disgusting drunken behaviour. She had to bite her tongue because if she said something her fiancée would side with his mother and would often join in the insults.
2. ANNOYED BY FIANCEE: The dream replays real life in that the dreamer was often annoyed by her mother in laws drunken behaviour. The dream ends up with her waking annoyed with her finance. That's probably the meaning of the dream - she was perfectly aware of her mother in laws disgusting behaviour but she was annoyed by her fiancées lack of support.

DREAM MEANING The dream deals with the following themes
- Feeling angry
- The dreamers mother in law
- Annoyed by her fiance

If you weave together the various themes then you find it will pinpoint this exact feeling - "I hate my mother in law and her disgusting behaviour. However, what really gets me is that my fiance sides with her and even joins in with the insults. I expect more from him."

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