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My Father's Visit

Dreams reflect our emotions. So if you were elated the day before then this mood may continue on into the dream world.

DREAM - My Father's Visit I was extremely surprised when I saw my Dad alive and looks very fresh and happy. It really made me feel perfectly very light and filled my heart so much happiness and excitement when I saw my dad. I ran quick towards him to give him a big hug and thanking God for bringing Him back giving a chance to hug and talk to my father. He's face was very bright, and rosy cheeks with a very sweet smile on his face looking straight to my eyes. He even looks younger in my dream. Where inside the car seating next to him I told him that I knew it within my heart that he still alive. And I also told him that after his funeral when most of all the people are going home only few are left I saw him walking alone quietly. I had no idea where he is going but I feel happy when I saw him. Hoping and praying I will see him again. And now this is it your here talking to me, I can touch him and even hug him. I am really very happy to see him again and I am also crying while embracing him, because of so much happiness seeing my dad again. Just suddenly a woke up crying so heavily, missing my dad so much.

This dream was posted on on the October 17, 2012, 23:03 by angel. It was viewed 7 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The previous evening the dreamer had a big family get together. This involved her own brothers and sisters and also the family from her fathers first wife. It was a joyous occasion and the dreamer wished for her father to be with them.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : If you wake up with very strong emotions then usually the dream will link to those feelings. The previous evening had been a joyous family get together and the key emotion for the dreamer was a longing to see her own father - the only person missing that evening.

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