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Dream interpretation - freaked out crazy maniac

THE DREAM I had this dream on the first or second day of my holidays. I was like a witness invisible to others. I could see what was going on but wasn't a part of it. It was night time, a start light calm atmosphere that was beautiful. It was on the beach side, there was a long row of houses, 2 or 3 floors each. They were pretty big. And I'm not to sure what happened but all I know was that I left one of the houses which was occupied by a family, a really big one, 9 children and the two parents. Again I don't know how I know this but I'm pretty sure it was the case in my dream. Then the father left the house at night, midnight, it was a full moon and went to work in a truck, but he didn't follow the road, he just rushed across the sands like a crazy maniac. He kept on driving thought roads like he was in a hurry and didn't give a damn about anything that may happen to others. I was watching from the roof of the truck, a big red or blue one, I can't remember. The road was full of accidents and the truck kept on missing. It was as if I was on the top of the road guiding the truck through the obstacles, but the person in the truck didn't know. It seemed like I had some sort of super powers and protecting the truck from harm. Then I don't know how it happened, I can't recall, there is a little gap but then I'm on a skate board and it's day time, I'm going around roads really really fast and there are just so much constructions it's impossible to find a way through but I do. It freaked me out, everything was so corrupt.

THE REALITY Often we behave in corrupt and outrageous ways whilst on holiday. We do all sorts of things that we do not normally do.

THE INTERPRETATION We all have ideas about how we should and should not act. However, in certain exceptional circumstances we will break our own rules about what is acceptable and unacceptable. When we are on holiday we start to behave in unusual ways. But somehow we still manage to maintain our vision of ourselves. Somehow getting drunk or behaving outrageously is acceptable on holiday. People seem to distance themselves from what they are doing.

In this dream we see how the mind is probably doing this. In the dream the dreamer is aware of the corruptness and does a lot of observing. That shows that she is monitoring her own behavior but that she is still behaving in a depraved way which breaks her own rules.

The dream features this row of houses along the beach. Houses in dreams can often simply symbolise different people. Each house is one person. So a row of houses shows that this dream could be about a group feeling. On holiday a group feeling emerges and people act in a certain way. There is pressure from people around you to act and push the boundaries.

The number of floors in a house is important. The ground floor often signifies the conscious mind and day to day reality. The second floor symbolises the dreamers own higher thoughts. The third floor symbolises a group consciousness. In this sense it may link to several people in the same holiday party knowing exactly what is in their mind and each willing to participate in slightly outrageous activities. The houses with two stories may symbolise people on the holiday who are unaware of what is happening and how the other people are really thinking.

Big houses in dreams often link to other people and how they are influencing our behavior. They show that our thoughts are being shaped and formed by the activities of other people. They maybe influencing us to act in a certain way. Big houses simply show that our behavior is not been formed by own own mind. It shows that we are been influenced by others or simply that our behavior and feelings is been influenced by the wider world which we are in at the time.

The family in the dream symbolise aspects of the dreamers personality. There are clearly lots of children and that links to the bags of child like behavior that happens on holiday. Children often link to their child like enthusiasms. The parent in the dream is unable to move properly. He gets getting into accidents. Her father is often linked to her own sense of self control. So obviously her father could link to her behavior getting out of control.

Perhaps the super powers in the dream relate to how the dreamer manages to break every rule in her own book about how to behave and yet still manages to maintain her own idea of herself as a moral and well behaved person. Perhaps the super powers relates to the feelings that you get on holiday that you can achieve anything.

The skateboard is a symbol of fast movement. It is rather cool and relates to young teenage activities perhaps.

Symbolic Meanings
CHILDREN : "excitement - getting excited about her holiday"
CRAZY : "unpredictability - doing crazy holiday things"
FATHER : "her own self control which is temporarily been put out of action during the holiday period"
HOUSES : "the different people on the holiday "
MAN : "pressures on you to act in a certain way - getting caught by the holiday atmosphere "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am on my holidays. I think the time for being sensible and serious is over and I am going to do lots of wild things"

See how the dreams symbols capture a fresh new mood within the dreamer

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