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Leopard in car dream interpretation

The leopard in this dream is symbolic of the dreamers own temper and it is perhaps a wider symbol for the feeling "I cannot get my husband to do anything unless I lose my temper with him."

THE DREAM - I am riding along in the car with my husband. There was a leopard in the back of the car. We arrive at our new house. Whatever we do I cannot get rid of the leopard and it starts living in my house.

THE REALITY The dreamer did not like losing her temper. However, when things were not getting done she felt the need to be firm and determined.

DREAM INTERPRETATION In this case the leopard symbolised the need to be strong and determined at times. The leopard is a sign of the dreamers forceful nature. She was aware of this presence. When the leopard is in her car it symbolises the need to be strong and determined whilst progressing towards her goals on a daily basis. However, when the leopard enters her house she is realising that the need to be forceful during a particular situations can sometimes result in her starting to become forceful and determined on a regular basis. It was liable to become a regular part of her personality.

Symbolic Meanings
CAR : "your progress through life and direction"
HOUSE : "your general personal - how you handle things"
LEOPARD : "strong determined and forceful - capable of being feared by others"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "The only way to get my husband to do anything is to put the fear of god into him. It seems to be working"

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