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Highwayman dream interpretation

THE DREAM I dreamt that I had been sentenced to death at 11 o'clock. The clock read 20 to 11 and I was with two prison guards (one on my right (guard A) was myself, the other (guard B) I could not see he was large, gray and to my left and in the shadows). The room was dark like a basement, old with peeling paintwork from old bricks. There was a boxing ring at the centre which was dimly light and almost like an old black and white film.

As the hands of the clock moved towards 11 am guard A told me to prepare myself I took the opportunity and said I had to go to the toilet, the hands of the clock moved back from 5 to 11, to 20 to 11. I left the execution chamber (I knew it was this) and was in the locker room at my gym The room was lit with sunlight, was familiar and reassuring. I thought about going back into the execution chamber where the guards were waiting in the dimly light room. But, I couldn't bring myself to do it I said to myself choose life and I hurriedly emptied the contents of my locker into my gym bag including an old map of the area.

I left through the fire escape and down a flight of wooden stairs and was in the countryside where I lived as a child (it wasn't just the same space but also the same time i.e. the 1970's). I ran down a narrow country lane, it was summer and warm. I came to two turnings on my left, I looked at the map and heard a horse approaching at speed. On the horse was a man dressed in a black highwayman's outfit and he rode a black horse - the man was me. The man did not see me and turned down a land on my right. I knew he was looking for me. I looked at the map and realised that if I turned left I would run into the rider coming the other way. I decided to follow the rider down the lane on the right as he would never think of turning back to look for me.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been thinking about switching his stockbroker the day before. He was unhappy with their performance.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams will often relate to things we have been thinking about the day before. They can often replay vital thoughts in a rather unusual way. Here the dreamer avoids one highwayman and ends up with another. That basically deals with the same theme as in real life. If you avoid one highwayman then you bump into another is the same as saying if you avoid one stockbroker then you end up with another who is equally as bad.

Symbolic Meanings
HIGHWAYMAN : The dreamers stockbroker who he feels wants to take all his money
SECOND HIGHWAYMAN : A feeling that any other stockbroker would be just as bad

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I want to change my stockbroker but they are all probably as bad as each other."

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