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Dream dictionary - violin full of drugs

We link dreams to real life using associations. This dream was "in public" somewhere. In real life the dreamer had been very outgoing (more than usual) - presumably "in a public place." So we may hint at the dream linking to this new trend.

THE DREAM I am in public somewhere. There is some child who is playing a very very big chello or violin. Then there was something about the violin could be stuffed full of drugs.

THE REALITY The dreamer was usually a shy and retiring type but the previous day he had been using a video recorder with friends. This had brought him out of himself.

THE INTERPRETATION Drugs can often link to a feeling of clouded judgement. In this case the dreamer was realising that the video camera had really improved her confidence. She was able to strut around in public with this sense of importance. But perhaps the confidence was falsely placed. Perhaps this confidence was overdone. Perhaps she was deluded into a sense of overconfidence. The dream linked to a realisation that this "important" piece of equipment did not make her cool. That she had to remain firmly in reality.

Dream Dictionary
CHILD : "boundless enthusiasm"
DRUG : "divorced from reality"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am usually nervous in groups of people. But yesterday with the video camera I felt really confident. I guess I became a bit divorced from reality and my usually shy self"

See how the dreams symbols show the dreamer judging himself and his behavior the day before

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