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Distressing replay of TV scene - dream analysis

If we see something on TV that is very shocking then we may dream about it.

THE DREAM I had a very vivid memory of a scene I saw on TV the night before. It was about a girl who had been involved in the hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. She had been extremely distressed and broke down. She said that there were just bad people.

THE REALITY The dream followed this extremely harrowing personal account. The dream probably just brought home the reality of what had happened.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I saw coverage of the Hurricane last night. A young girl just broke down and said that they were just bad people. I kind of realised at that point that she had been raped. There have been lots of reports of that happening in the aftermath."

THE INTERPRETATION Its not usual to dream about issues which are in the news. We dream about events which affect us very personally. However, this particular report did touch the dreamer. He had heard reports of females been raped in New Orleans in the aftermath of this disaster. This girl did not explicitly say that she had been raped. But the obvious signs were there. The chances were that this girl had been abused and beaten - this was indeed the human face of this tragedy.

Often a disaster is only brought home to the dreamer when a personal case is seen.

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