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Someone I want to avoid dream

THE DREAM I was in the house of Peder Smitd whom I used to babysit for. I saw Lee there who I am avoiding.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had been trying to avoid the Lee in the dream. He was really not wanting to talk at all. He was even thinking of not going to a community centre he regularly worked as a volunteer because this person he was trying to avoid often visited.

DREAM ANALYSIS: This dream involved avoiding someone whom the dreamer was avoiding in real life so its probably about that issue as it was something that was troubling the dreamer at that time.

What was this second symbol there for? Why did this person that the dreamer used to babysit feature in the dream? If you babysit for someone its a responsibility and you cannot suddenly decide not to turn up. That was the same with this community centre and the dreamer couldn't simply stop turning up or leave whilst this person he was trying to avoid was there.

The dream seems to capture this exact thought "I want to avoid Lee but it's extremely difficult as he often goes to this Community Centre I go to as a volunteer. I cannot suddenly walk out on my voluntary work when he turns up."

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