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Towering building

THE DREAM The first dream I had was a few days ago, somebody told me the library at the university I attended had been renovated, I wanted to go check it out, it was huge, it took several minutes on the elevator to ascend, once at the top nobody wanted to step out onto the helipad because the sky had gone black, it was windy and dark, I was terrified but I stepped out, I kept feeling like the wind would knock me off of it at any time, the fear never went away the whole time I was up there, I looked down and saw waves crashing all around the building as if it were in the middle of the ocean, I woke up

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer was unhappy at work. There was a possibility that a higher position would become available and she was determined to try for this even though she felt her chances of getting it were slim.

Posted at August 20, 2012, 17:01 by metalgod84 (Viewed times)SYMBOLISM AND ASSOCIATIONS: The following symbolic meanings and associations were made for this dream.1. HEIGHTS: Feeling fear on the top of a building was symbolic of the dreamers fear that her attempts to get a promotion would not be supported by her colleagues. She feared being intimidated and made to feel unwelcome if she tried to climb the company ladder.
2. TALL BUILDING: Getting on top of her library was a symbol of the dreamers wish to get promoted. She wanted to go as high as she could.
3. WIND AND WAVES: Wind and waves in a dream were symbolic of

DREAM ANALYSIS: The dream deals with the following themes.
- Getting to the top
- Feeling anxiety in a high position

If you weave together the dreams symbols and link it to the real life situation you find that the dream captures this exact feeling - "I want to try for this promotion but I fear that it will not be supported by people."

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