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Dream - Businessmen

THE DREAM I was around these businessmen. They were wearing very nice suits. I found one lying on the floor and picked it up. I was then trying to be careful. I was aware I was wearing a suit (not as nice but it was a suit). Then I was trying not to be seen with these businessmen - I was embarrassed.

THE REALITY The dreamer had lent some money off his grandfather. He was due to see him the next day and could not yet pay him back. Because he had lent money he did not want to be seen to have any money. If he was seen to have money then it would seem as if he could pay it back. So when he saw he grandfather he was really going to be careful and was really trying to appear poor and grateful. He deliberately would not wear his watch or best clothes.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams link to prominent intuitions which have been forming in our minds. The previous evening the dreamer had been thinking about seeing grandfather the next day. He was worried because he had lent money from him and still could not pay it back. One prominent thought linked to this was him wanting to appear grateful and not wanting to flash the cash and show how much money he had. Given this its easy to see how this dream translates to this prominent thought the day before. By moving away from the businessmen he is saying "I do not want to be associated with them and what they stand for". If you take this further it translates into the exact thought from the night before - he did not want to appear to be flashing money around or be seen to have anything of value.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I lent money from my grandfather and feel really guilty about it. When I see him tomorrow I do not want to be seen to be flashing money about. I need to show how poor and grateful I am"

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