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Chinese people pay money - dream dictionary

THE DREAM - I am with some Chinese people. They have their wallets out and are about to pay for something. But they are negotiating what they are paying for. They say that they will pay for Astrology but they will also pay for the censors too.

THE REALITY The dreamer had given some advice to a friend but he realised she had not been subtle. She had perhaps been too brutal and realised she needed to censor herself more. It was not so much that she was saying the wrong things but she felt she could phrase them better.

THE INTERPRETATION The dream features money so in some way this dream is about the value of something. In this case the dreamers advice to a friend would be more valued if it was better thought out. China is associated with wisdom in dreams and so in that way can be linked to advice - and in particular well thought out advice. The censor is an obvious reference to the need to control what you say. But the censor would be paid for because people will appreciate the ability to be subtle - to refer to the things that you wish to refer to but in a gentle and sensitive way.

Dream Dictionary
CENSOR : "restricting what you say - editing out unwanted thoughts and feelings"
CHINESE : "good and wise thoughts"
PAY : "paying symbolises value - in this case people will value his advice "
PEOPLE : "how you would generally behave - what could be expected"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know that people are willing to take my advice but I should try not to be too brutal and honest. Often you can say what you mean but if you use diplomatic words then people will not be offended. I just do not like offending people."

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