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Bra shop - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I was buying bras in a shop

THE REALITY The dreamer has been looking for help and support from her friends recently. She had tried talking through some issues with her friend but felt that she did not really understand her at all. She told her this but her friend just laughed.

THE INTERPRETATION Short dreams like this can be difficult to interpret. But this dream takes place in a shop. Shops in some way link to our needs and desires that are being unfulfilled right now. A bra could be seen as a symbol of support. The dreamer is feeling as if she is not been given personal support and help from her friends.

The trick with dreams such as this is is to understand the way dreams operate. Most dreams symbolise feelings that are very prominent in your mind from the day before the dream. In this case the dreamer has been feeling unsupported for a few days. So the symbols match up with the feelings in her mind. Its a fair assumption to link the issues together.

Symbolic Meanings
BRA : "A wish for personal support from friends"
SHOP : "The options available to the dreamer - the friends that she has looked too for support"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been thinking about what qualities I require in a friend. My friend does not understand me and does not seem able to support me. What sort of a friendship is that?"

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