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Dream symbolism - large college and library

THE DREAM - I am in a college type place . I seem quite alone. I at one stage in a library. I follow the library / bookshop up the stairs and I suddenly realise the stairs do not continue upwards. There is no upstairs. I am then in a room. There is a guy in the room saying where he is having lunch - in the college canteen. He thinks it is quite cheap and reasonable.

I am then in a room. There are some teenagers there . They are acting badly. At one stage I am looking at the rooftops. I am moving into a position to capture the rooftops with a photo. But I end up being surrounded by buildings on all sides

THE REALITY The dreamer was a regular dream interpreter on the Internet. He tried out a new site which was a specifically Jungian dream site. This was largely a negative experience with people not really been receptive.

DREAM SYMBOLISM College dreams are often about ideas which have been forming in your mind and are now definite views. In this case the dreamer felt as if his participation on this new site was definitely not welcome. He was not a Jungian interpreter and so felt as if his ideas were not welcome. The site was closed to people who were not specialists in this field. He was not openly rejected but definitely felt unwelcome.

The book store is probably symbolic of the sharing of ideas that the person was hoping to experience. However, this library had no upstairs. The upstairs in dreams is symbolic of the higher ways of thinking. In this way the lack of an upstairs represents the way that new ideas were not welcome. The web site was a specialist site for people who accepted the ideas of Carl Jung. Any deviation from those ideas was not accepted or merely marginalised.

The teenagers were maybe a symbol of the dreamers feeling that he was a little bit mischievous. Teenagers represent bad behavior and rebellion. In this case this represented his own misbehavior. He felt he was maybe not welcome because it was rather cheeky to participate on a web site which was for specialists in Carl Jung. The dreamer did not fully accept these ideas so maybe felt as if he was being rude taking part. After all the web site openly states its focus.

Symbolic Meanings
ALONE : "feeling isolated - the dreamer felt unwelcome"
BOOK : "ways of thinking - the dreamer felt that his ideas were not appreciated"
PHOTO : "picturing what people are thinking"
ROOFS : "principles - the dreamer disagrees with the principles and ideas of the other people on the forum"
TEENAGER : "rebellious views and attitudes - the dreamer feels his presence on the forum was perhaps a little mischievous"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I tried out this new forum. But I was not given a very warm welcome. In fact they seemed a little distant. But perhaps its my fault as I was basically on a forum which holds different ideas on dreams than myself"

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