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Denial and remorse dream analysis

THE DREAM I dreamed I poisoned my sister and was trying to cover it up. She was being kind to me but I was ignoring this and left her some poison to drink while I was out having a good time with others and denying my crime. Once I could no longer hide her body or deny her death I admitted it to a friend and then I was filled with aching, deep remorse that came out in guttural, horrific screams. I couldn't get rid of the disgust I felt for myself.

THE REALITY The dream was very upsetting to the dreamer. As she pondered it during the day it's message became more clear. It was a metaphor for her guilt over denying the truth (represented by her sister who is a person who always tells the truth).

DREAM ANALYSIS Sisters are often very symbolic in dream . We share our closest feelings with our sisters. So often sisters link to issues connected with an openness to new ideas and feelings. Often it links to a simple acceptance of the truth. That was the case in this dream .

Death often links to a new start. It symbolises the end of one situation and the beginning of a new one. So here the dreamer is wiping the slate clean and starting again. She now sees things much clearer in her mind.

Symbolic Meanings
CRIME : "sense of shame and guilt "
HIDE : "deceive yourself - in this case the dreamer is deceiving herself"
POISON : "spoiling something pure "
SISTER : "the dreamers sister was someone who always tells the truth"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I realise now that I am denying the truth in a situation in my life. I feel so guilty about this."

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